Xmas Deco Make small ones to add to little xmas trees. Red and white for lounge tree and blue and silver for dining room Maybe do whole shown display on patio DIY ~~ making string ornaments.

For all the outside walks where we come home with arms full of "treasures"…now we can do something with them too!

Animals made out of leaves - no link but it's such a great idea for a kid's fall art project. Go for a walk in the park and collect the leaves, then make art projects with them!

Cork Sailboats With Sparkly Sails | Mama Papa Bubba

A fun project for the kids to recycle wine corks and rubber bands from produce into Cork Sailboats With Sparkly Sails from Mama Papa Bubba. Take them in the tub for bath time or outside to the nearest body of water!

Hojas pintadas

Celebrate fall with these 10 fun DIY projects with leaves, either real ones from your yard or faux ones from a craft store or dollar store. Try These 10 Fun DIY Projects With Leaves via


Colgantes bellota (Kireei - Cosas bellas)

girl's craft: make some colorful hair #clips with nail polish!

Paint hair clips with nail polish for custom designed clips! Perfect for a sleep-over or scouting craft!

drawing on easter eggs with the kids

Easter Egg Ideas for Kids :: Combining Favorites to Make Miniature Works of Art