Love this idea.  Would like to find a quote about sisters and make it for AOII 482865_616829711680454_595230262_n.jpg 384×512 pixels

Craft Ideas with Crayons Craft Ideas / melted crayon art (Maybe use another quote--inspirational--for craft studio?


"Use a white light switch cover and decorate your own with sharpies!" Look, I tried decorating something with horizontal Sharpie patterns and it did NOT look like this. Also, do you really want to buy all those colored Sharpies? give your room color.

Amazing DIY & Crafts Ideas #2 - Sortrature

Amazing DIY & Crafts Ideas #2

Magazine Art Bowl - Blow up a balloon. Cut strips of magazines, fold in half. Roll up and glue to balloon. When all dry, pop balloon. Link to additional Magazine Art Projects (bowls and vases)

The Mayberry Home Journal: DIY+Pregnant Brain

Cute DIY flower idea made our of either paper towel rolls or toilet paper rolls. Cut them up, fold in half, hot glue together and you can spray paint any color you like.

Summer Inspired DIY Notebooks

Summer Inspired DIY Notebooks

Simple DIY Notebooks that are created with cardstock, patterned paper, and lined loose sheets of paper.