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The California Nebula

California Nebula - photo by Farmakopoulos Antonis - Drifting through the Orion Arm of the spiral Milky Way Galaxy, this cosmic cloud echoes the outline of California. Earth's Sun also lies within the Milky Way's Orion Arm, lt-yrs from California Nebula.

And has nothing but derision for Muggles. | 18 Times The Stars Of "Harry Potter" Were Just Like Their Characters IRL

Just wait until his father hears about this. // 18 Photos That Prove The “Harry Potter” Actors Are Actually Their Characters And has nothing but derision for Muggles.

Deep Meditation Technique and Procedure

Deep meditation helps us to focus well, and keeps mental distractions at bay, which helps us to attain the state of nirvana. It also helps to achieve higher levels of concentration, relaxation and relief from stress.

dreads, dream dreads

Lovely pics of dreads, quirky cute & magical things. is what you will find here :) A nice little splash of things that I enjoy :) If you live in Melbourne and need dread work done, I make & maintain.

Anthology of mythical creatures.

Not pictured: The legendary Scuzzlebutt of South Park, Colorado View "Infographic: Mythical Creatures From Around The World" and more funny posts on Dorkly