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Saeed-Karina Cruz

Saeed-Karina Cruz
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Pelmeni ♥

Pel'meni (пельмени) with sour cream and dille (Russians are fond of sour cream and dille).) Classic variant of minced meat: pork and beef. Served boiled with butter or fried or baked.

Best soup EVER Ukrainian Borsch !

Ukrainian traditional cuisine is rich in various delicious and truly unique dishes. But if you ask me which of the national Ukrainian dishes I would recommend you to try to understand the specifics of of my country's cuisine, it won't take me long.

...thinking about cutting bangs...

Hairstyles can alter your looks to an all together different level. Bangs are a favorite of ladies across the globe. Many celebrities style there bangs in a way that they look extremely amazing. You could style your bangs to look sexy. Read on to lear