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an eye made out of branches and cones hanging on the wall next to a clock
Mio Cuore
Art by 🎨 : @booknuts_ Dark Fantasy, Saga, Throne Of Glass Fanart, Wings Book, Dragon Tales, Book Artwork, Element 2, Novel Characters, Sarah J Maas Books
𝓥𝓲𝓸𝓵𝓮𝓽 ✯ 𝓧𝓪𝓭𝓮𝓷
Art by 🎨 : @booknuts_
a man and woman with tattoos on their arms hugging each other in front of a dark background
a man with freckles on his face and chest
𝓧𝓪𝓭𝓮𝓷 𝓡𝓲𝓸𝓻𝓼𝓸𝓷
Art by 🎨 : @___ceraunavolta___
a woman sitting in the rain next to a dragon
𝓥𝓲𝓸𝓵𝓮𝓽 𝓢𝓸𝓻𝓻𝓮𝓷𝓰𝓪𝓲𝓵
Art by 🎨 : @volence.sorrengail
graffiti on the side of a building that says if not then? in black and white
If not now, then when?
If not now then when? #wordporn #sprüche #weisheiten
Watercolour Art, Painting & Drawing, Art, Illustrators, Whimsical Art, Artist, Artwork, Art Prints
She's on a journey to find herself Acrylic Tray by Tina van Dijk Art
a wooden guitar with an image of the city on it
Uke Hunt cont...
artspacecity: Anyone need help designing their Ukuleles?..
an intricately decorated wooden vase sitting on top of a table next to pictures and flowers
More pics of Sharpie Art Guitar. This is the guitar that's been customized via…
a woman holding an acoustic guitar in front of her face
Amanda Rodrigues - Projeto Curadoria
Amanda Rodrigues por Projeto Curadoria
a wooden guitar with an intricate design on the top and bottom, sitting on carpet
Monday Morning Randomness
Monday Morning Randomness - ZenTangle / drawing on guitar...2 art forms combined
a white wall hanging with flowers and greenery on the top, along with other decorations
Hanging decor: macrame floral wall hanging #handmadehomedecor
four different types of art work displayed on a wooden table with black and white ink
Colored Pencils for Adults - 72 Vivid Watercolor Pencils & Case Set, Artist Grade 3.5mm Soft Cores, Color Dry or Wet, Ideal for Art & Coloring Books. Premium accessories & Free Mandalas eBook Inc
Daily Drawings by Derek Myers – Fubiz Media - created via
an abstract painting with black and white colors
Obsessed With A Life You're Not Living - Samuel Burgess-Johnson
an abstract painting of a man's green eye
a person holding a paintbrush in front of a plate with black and gold designs on it
there are many shelves that have pictures on them
DIY macrame curtain with asymmetric pattern tutorial. Only one knot type used! Copper tape at the ends of the yarn. Original blog post & instructions: Handmade Makrame Wall Hanging Project Easy knots Boho home decor Bohemian kitchen curtains
there are many different colored pencils in the holder on the table next to each other
Holz-Stiftehalter selber bauen |
Kleiner Aufwand, großer Effekt: Der selbst gebaute Stifthalter macht ganz schön was her. Unser DIY zeigt dir, wie du das Büroutensil selbst machen kannst.
some maps are on top of each other with the words 15 ideas for decorating with maps
15 Ideas for Decorating with Maps
Maps, Atlases, the old and the new, the folding and those big rolls, a phenomenal decorative material for interior use.
a drawing of mountains and water dripping from the bottom to the top, with a pink sky in the background
Manufactured Originality
Manufactured Originality
a white shelf topped with a framed art print next to a candle and small wooden house
Dreiecke Meer Aquarell Poster 20x30cm -
the moon clock is made out of cork and paper
Over the Moon: 30 of Our Favorite Celestial Finds
Eine Mond-Uhr für Träumer!
some drawings are laying on top of each other
Geometric Beasts Series by kerbyrosanes on DeviantArt
Origami: Tiere
a heart shaped string art on a shelf next to a vase with flowers in it
Kreative Kalender | TOPP Bastelbücher online kaufen
Heart String Art | TOPP This is super cute, but it would probably take a really long time to make. At least, that's what I have heard.
This post includes mixed-media art (watercolor, ink, and colored pencils on paper) by Benedicte. Art Photography, Drawing Faces, Art Drawings, Gouache, Drawing Hands
A Look into Your Soul
This post includes mixed-media art (watercolor, ink, and colored pencils on paper) by Benedicte.
the instructions for how to make an galaxy - themed jar with colored liquid in it
I thought you might like that, guys. So beautiful - Awesome
Nebulas im Glas Deko Farbenspiel
an image of the moon in space with lines going through it and stars around it
retro space illustration | #Illustration
a black and white photo of an upside down object
multiple images of different shapes and sizes of wood strips on a table with papers attached to them
So Cool Craft | Best DIY Ideas
Streichholz-Stern Weihnachten