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Discover 50 oak tree tattoo designs for men that will literally grow on you. From leaves to acorns and more, explore cool manly nature ideas and ink art.

Hahaha, sorry guys. I don't like ANY of your shows... Exept Sword Art Online. If I keep seeing Fairly Tail, I'll start to hate it. But so far, I've only seen 2 episodes

I have seen all of these animes. bleach Naruto Attack on titan Sword art online Fairy tail One peice Dragon Ball Z. I love all of these! Especially Dragon Ball Z!

Wish Jars | Feng Shui Prosperity Tip | Make Your Dreams Come True | The Tao of Dana

a l e y Hoch dream jar. except for this could be our 'bucket list' and we could draw out random things and then do them! maybe in a perfect world when we have a ton of mulah. we can dream, though. that's why it's called a dream jar.