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How to Tie Fishing Knots. By Scarlett, on July 2013 Learn how to tie fishing knots. This is a skill everyone should know. It just might come in handy someday. Listed here are 4 of the strongest fishing knots you can tie.

Eine Rose für meinen Schatz, ich liebe sie sooooo ... sehr.

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Mein Liebling , ich schenke dir mein Herz ❤☺!

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A Photo Series Featuring an Oversized Dachshund and Her Owner Exploring Brooklyn

Writer, photographer, illustrator, and director Mitch Boyer got the idea to Photoshop his tiny dachshund Vivian to an enormous scale after wanting to see her portrayed the same size of her mammoth personality. The idea was so entertaining he decided to tu

♡ Hmmm ... lecker lecker lecker! Ich möchte bitte Nachschlag haben. ♡

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En kjekk knute/løsning for å lukke poser og sekker. Ser for meg at dette er en smart patent for heising av sekker også.

A handsome knot/solution to close bags and sacks. Appears to me that this is a smart patent for raising sacks as well.