Een kerstboom gemaakt van steigerhout, voor als je weinig ruimte hebt.

no tree christmas tree or alternative christmas tree Corner Pallet Tree with Lights.these are the BEST DIY Christmas Decorations & Craft Ideas!

Love this kids playden

I love this kids playden and when the children have flown the nest could be adapted to a quiet adult reading nook

Unique ladder quality shelf on the wall for a bathroom

One Room Challenge: The Reveal

3 Easy (& practically free) DIY Rustic Wood Projects for your Bathroom How to make this EASY rustic bathroom storage ladder with scrap wood in one afternoon!

MIt einem alten Trampolin ein Hängebett für den Garten bauen. Noch mehr Ideen gibt es auf

Trampolines are fun, but what do you do when it’s wrecked beyond repair? Why not turn your broken trampoline into a circular swing bed?

Easter bunnies

Zajačiky / JaPaNa - - Handmade

Love the shape of these bunnies! Could be replicated for chocolate dioramas

Kalenderordner! Das muss ich mir auch anlegen. Genug Platz für Essensplan, Haushaltsbuch und alle To do- Listen

Make with a 2 ring binder. I think this would be good for a classroom calendar as well! This calendar kit is the Michael's Recollections Calendar Kit

Misschien iets voor in de keuken en dan de kaartenrekjes daarop vastzetten. Dan is er ook nog ruimte voor andere frutsels.

Sturdy wooden scaffolding sign on the wall for photos and decoration

great wall setup for a kid room with a little reading nook

Vaucluse House / MHNDU

children's room in vaucluse house. I LOVE the fact that these are shelves that children are ALLOWED to climb in - mind you I love the whole house - would not say no to that house if it was given to me!

DIY Schlüsselbrett aus alten Weinkorken. Coole Idee zum Nachmachen

DIY Schlüsselbrett aus alten Weinkorken. Coole Idee zum Nachmachen

Next project. I should just start displaying my shoes on shelves on my walls. They are, after all, Art.

How to build cabinets to Organize Your Shoes Its Amazing Idea for small spaces, and women how has too much shoes. This storage idea will organize all your shoes. And it very easy to make in your home, or you can told any Carpenter to build it for you.