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Realistic contrasting skull on Behance

Here& a skull that I did using iPad Pro, Apple Pencil and the Adobe sketch app. Any critique, hints or tips are more than welcome

Teezeit - Die italienische Hexe - Oriellas Rabe evtl

Ravens are a lot like humans: Extremely adaptable, omnivorous, highly inventive and - playful! Young ravens are actually among the most playful of all bird species and even make their own toys.

Der Rabe Lyngx, Freund und Mentor der Muse Apollonia Parker #AusgerechnetMuse #Schreibinspiration

Ravens soar like Hawks and Eagles. They represent intelligence and are humorous tricksters. They have excellent memories, like crows.

206013ffd0e3a977335992ede202ac2b.jpg 640×1.136 piksel

I like the bandanna as a mask idea but I don't like the gun idea because it would be providing readers with the wrong message.

картинка мерелин монро в тату - Поиск в Google

картинка мерелин монро в тату - Поиск в Google

Ian "Lemmy" Kilmister

Ian "Lemmy" Kilmister That's the way he likes it baby! He don't want to live forever!