This is a fun activity in order to encourage the development of praxis skills. The child is required to think about/plan his or her movement patterns in order to get to the other side!

vestibular activities A fun creative way to build SO many skills (balance, kinestethia, visual motor, self-regulation).

Nog een opdracht bij expeditie Robinson tijdens de #gymles.

Group games are used to teach the scouts teamwork. They need to work together to accomplish a goal.


perhaps with different obsticals, but two people racing with a balloon on paper is a fab idea

this could be a really fun camp game! human ring toss (scheduled via

this could be a really fun camp game! human ring toss Good obstacle/ task for a relay race

bewegingsonderwijs voor kleuters

This links to just the picture but it serves as a great outline of how you could put together an indoor obstacle course.

Mardi, les enfants ont joué à deux relais mettant en jeu la ccopération. Ces jeux ne sont pas possibles en début d'année, mais à cette...

Sit in a circle and pass a ball around and play music and have students pass ball until music stops then they say there name and then their favorite toy

emmer spel; ook leuk voor een sportdag

Bucket Game

Divide into teams and get your bean bags into your opponents’ buckets for some active play any day! Winner has the fewest bean bags in their brightly .