Plaids and checks, wool blankets. masculine design for bedroom, upholstery etc.

hand pies.

Over a year ago, I made hand pies and declared them a delicious disaster. The pie dough wasn’t bendy enough to suit what I had in mind, and they too easily leaked and broke, but that had no e…


Salad: greens, granny smith apple, feta, walnuts, pomegranate seeds and vinaigrette

ski poles.

Save your old staff, they have history and they are priceless. Inspired by Christmas and winter time we found interesting vintage decorations for your home


Butterscotch and Bailey's Irish Cream Cannoli by What Katie Ate. Take the gun leave the cannoli.


Wood is a natural resource that is found on trees. Trees are cut down so they, most famously, can be used to make objects like furniture. It's funny how humans think furniture is better than oxygen, because trees provide it.


Snowy Porch - perfect setting to watch the first snowfall with a cup of hot chocolate and a blanket…Christmas :)