Einfache Feuerwerks Idee.

Easy Fireworks Painting for Kids

Easy Fireworks Painting for Kids Simple fireworks painting idea for kids using DIY toilet paper roll firework stamp. Danya Banya Really want excellent hints regarding arts and crafts?

Wonderful idea so make great decor out of old mason jars! #fall /// Wunderschöne Idee für eine herbstliche Deko: Wiederverwenden von alten Einmachgläsern #herbst

Such an interesting idea for old mason jars and fall leaves. Temporary adhere the leaves to the jar and paint over them with chalkboard paint and then remove to reveal the leaf shape.Fall leaves on a painted mason jar

cheap toddler craft using empty paper towel/toilet paper rolls

Using paper towel rolls cut in half or toilet paper rolls, you can make this cute flower pot! Great craft idea for the kids to give mom on

Basteln mit Kindern: Wasserfarbenmonster

Basteln mit Kindern: Wasserfarbenmonster

Wasserfarbenmonster /watercolour painting on the wall

Monster-Käse: eine tolle Idee für den nächsten Kindergeburtstag. Oder als Mitgebest in den Kindergarten.

Wochenende in Bildern // Sonnenschein, Schatzsuche und ein ruhiger Sonntag

Com decorar els formatges Babybel - totnens

just need some old buttons, PVA and some balloons and were sorted, these could sell well

Button bowls FYI Walmart sells different colors, sizes & shapes of buttons! This is one of my favorite things to make!