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A couple of baby donkeys

I saw this and needed to repost it. These are NOT miniature donkeys. These are goats and by the photos they are pygmy goats. Although they are cute there is a clear difference between a goat and a donkeys

jared padalecki ALWAYS KEEP FIGHTING - Google Search

“When life seems to want to beat you down, I hope you Always Keep Fighting.

✕ We don't say goodbye we say "see you then" and then we cry

✕ We don't say goodbye we say "see you then" and then we cry<<<<DESTIEL!

They've all three been so much more than actors on a show to me and every person in the #Supernatural fandom.

They taught us a lot of things, thank you Jared, Jensen, and Misha.

Always Keep Fighting

Living Resiliently: A Tale of One Women's Journey in Overcoming

Look at Jensen on his tiptoes! Fangasm ‏@FangasmSPN And then followed it up with a truly epic J2 hug. #alwayskeepfighting #JIB7 @JensenAckles @jarpad

Seriously is nobody gonna talk about how Jensen has to to stand on his toes to hug Jared.this is just adorable ^ ^ I wonder if that's how every hug between Sam n Dean go on sets :)

#alwayskeepfighting<-- I hold this up not just for Jared, but for anyone who is fighting. You do not fight alone.

supporting Jared forever and always

I think he actually mentioned during a con that he did take some ballet classes

Training for the ballet, Winchester?


[GIF] Supernatural Fandom hug ♥◡♥ Originally posted by agentsacklesandpadalecki