Segelboot sailboat

Single arm swings High pulls Clean and press Single arm row (both arms) Deck squat Sit up and press X 10 Squats X 20 Dead lift Single leg dead oft (both lift) Windmill 1 min each X 3 rounds Total 30 mins

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Pebble art picture, hand made in Ireland. Made from pebbles found on Killiney beach in Dublin, Ireland. A great gift for family for any

*Familie ist .... * Bild aus Kieselsteinen  von TAMIKRA auf

Bild aus Kieselsteinen *Familie ist

*Familie ist .... * Bild aus Kieselsteinen von TAMIKRA auf

driftwood sailing boats - mamas kram  #summer

Check out these great driftwood sailboats with sails made out of nautical-look fabric scraps. I think you could also use long breadbaskets as the boat bottoms and put the bread for your buffet in them!

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