45 Creative Forced-Perspective Photography [PICS]

Creative Forced-Perspective Photos For Your Inspiration [PICS]

Winter love

:: ENGAGEMENT PHOTOS :: Stocks-Young Stocks-Young Munford [if we don't get our field pics, maybe just maybe texas will give us enough snow for these!

Inspiration gesucht? Dann brauchst du diese Kreativ-Ideen für deine Fotografie | ig-fotografie - Foto Blog

This is such a fun photo trick! Have model sit on a wall or table. Have her lean her head down so that you can't see anything above her collar. This is abosolutely impossible in a tee, but a polo works okay.

Perspective photos from the Salar de Uyuni 3 Day Salt Flat Tour with Red Planet Expeditions

Bolivia's Salar de Uyuni 3 Day Salt Flat Tour

perspectiva forzada

99 excelentes ejemplos de fotografia con perspectiva forzada