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Sewing In a Zipper

Learn now to install centered, lapped, and invisible zippers from Threads magazine. I hate zippers!


Top Tips for Crafters

When a “bird’s nest” of thread appears, the likely culprit is your upper thread tension. If loops appear on the underside of the fabric, the upper thread tension may be too loose. If knots appear on top of the fabric, the upper tension may be too tight.

things you can do with elastic thread!

The Sew*er, The Caker, The CopyCat Maker: ToolBox Tuesday: Elastic Thread. Tutorial explaining how to sew with elastic thread and showing some of the amazing things you can do with elastic thread!


Repeat Crafter Me: Crochet Watermelon Coin Purse. How to attach a zipper using crochet (no sewing). With the Sharp Crochet Hook


Installing a Zipper ~ Tutorial by Michelle

Installing a zipper. This is my favorite zipper tutorial. [uses a glue-set (w/ a glue stick) method, rather than basting. So much easier!

Finishing the top of a zip

Finishing the top of a zip: “Fiskars Unzipped”

Perfectly lined invisible zipper! Lined invisible zipper technique – Burda Style Love sewing? See more sewing hacks HERE.


How to Edge a Napkin (or Anything Else) with Crochet