Tápszeresdobozbol kreativ fejleszto-szintanulo jatek.

Simple preschool color matching activity that will also work on fine motor skills -- pushing colored popsicle sticks into an old coffee can! This activity not only develop cognitive skills, but and fine motor


Get those little hands busy with over 50 creative crafts that will help their development and pass some time instead of watching tv or playing gadgets. - Crafts All Over

Les exercices de motricité fine permettent aux enfants d'apprendre à maîtriser leurs gestes afin de réaliser des exercices qui demandent de la précision.

Waving or lacing activity Scraps or felt and cardboard pieces Small motor skills



Was ist in den Ballons? Fühlen, raten, auflösen!

sensory balloon with matching cards. great for teaching 5 senses to preschoolers or keeping toddler hands busy!

Malen mit Rasierschaum

Summer Fun with Shaving Cream Shaving cream continues to be at the top of our list of favorite sensory activities, and for the past f.

The Brown-Bag Teacher: Teacher Hack: Pool-Noodle Card Holders

Teacher Hack: Pool-Noodle Card Holders

The Brown-Bag Teacher: Teacher Hack: Pool-Noodle Card Holders. I use card games with kids to teach social skills ( turn taking, loosing and winning with grace, negotiation. Sometimes kids do not have the muscle coordination to manage a hand of cards.