31 ways to add character to your home--this site is amazing!

Love the black interior door/brown paint/& white trim. 31 ways to add character to your home--this site is amazing!

Northern Lights Moving Color Tile - Tiles appear black at room temp, but move through the color spectrum when the temperature changes.

Avoir une cave à vin quand on a peu d'espace est un rêve qui devient réalité avec cette colonne à bouteille astucieuse et parfaitement intégrée au design de la pièce : GENIAL !

I maybe like this idea with the wooden beam at the end of my bar. maybe the wine in on the side of the bar opening only. :) Diy Wine holder, (maybe bigger beam in natural looking wood where you cant see the bottle neck)

Cozy chair / Hans Sapperlot

Wool Chair

Cozy chair / Hans Sapperlot

Wool Chair


It's true- we ALWAYS want more- *Remember this next time you feel disapointed* You have achieved so much, be thankful for it bcuz you once hoped for all that you've achieved & have :)

Yep, I'm pretty sure this is the coolest smoke detector I have ever seen.

The Chick-a-Dee Smoke Detector by Louise van der Veld The bird is perched on a branch, which also serves as a mounting system. The Chick-a-Dee can easily be fitted to the ceiling. purchased from charlesandmarie


Now you can see here amazing different diy pallets home furniture ideas plans. You can never ignore wooden if you started some wooden projects in your house.

Love This!!

Playroom Wall Art - Paint Mess Memories - printed digital wall decor - original design by a drop of golden sun. Please excuse the mess, I'm making memories

Corner shelf #decor #diy

Corner unit furniture, Wall hanging shelf to display your vintage mid-century home wares! Industrial sideboard retro art Danish picture Book on Etsy, Sold

Fancy - Artic Bathroom by KO+KO Architects

Arctic Bathroom by: Koko Architects The ideas people come up with get me so exited that I have to share it with you guys. How brilliant is this bathroom sink, a small part of the Arctic Bathroom by.

I like these vases :)

‘Grass,’ handmade stoneware vase was created by famous designer Norman Copenhagen. It brings a bit of nature inside your home.The dazzling design of grass brings new life to your flowers.

MONEYPHANT WITH TWINS By Georg Jensen  http://www.georgjensen.com/dk/home/masterpieces

Maiken: Georg Jensen Moneyphant med tvillinger, at Illums