good idea for a strap

Rikes Welt - English translation not available but great image idea for upcycle jean purse.

fish... For some reason I just think these are toooo cute! Dunno what I would need this for though

Rainbow fish - The kids loved this! Sewed them by machine (which they love! And hand sewed sequins on with lots of help.VERY colorful and cute! Add a magnet inside, and now your children can go fishing!

via Flickr.

Apron with appliqué of chicken on nest. Nest is pocket or series or straw, basket or eggs!

bag it in denim

Old jeans DIY cute bags jeans can not wear and do not throw away! This bag is old jeans yo ~ ~ beautiful ~ ~ ~

DIY: Näh Deinen Schnullerdrachen! Anleitung/E-Book von Von Lange Hand auf

DIY: Näh Deinen Schnullerdrachen! Anleitung/E-Book

Anleitung/E-Book – a unique product by vonLangeHand on DaWanda

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