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WATER TRANSFER: Fine motor, lifting objects with various tools including large tweezers, chop sticks.

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Pattern Towers for Preschoolers

PATTERNS Preschool Pattern Towers - playdough, bamboo skewers, straw pieces // Frugal Fun for Boys

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Fine motor activity -- spoon marbles into a bottle. How many can you get in without dropping any outside of the bottle? Not allowed to touch the marbles with fingers!

Montessori Motorikspiel Farben sortieren

This busy bag focuses on learning colors. Kids sort the colored beads in the color-coded, flower shaped plastic sorting tray. The tray measures about wide and has 7 compartments.

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Practical Life- sifting flour/flower beads, could be done with num ber or letter tiles to do sums/ write words/ sort letters/numbers

Feinmotorik schulen... das haben wir schon im Repertoire... :)

ontdekdoos moeren en bouten : Matching nuts and bolts, fine motor skills, working with tools - one-to-one correspondence