Punktstempel aus Floie über Papprolle, z.B. für selbstgemachtes Geschenkpapier

fun and easy crafts made out of bubble wrap! This is awesome! Would be so cute on plain white wrapping paper.

how many cheerios can you stack in 100 sec? Energizer activity could be used for teamwork or communication with some adjustments

{Mommy School} Playing & Learning with Play-Doh

Kreativer Impulse für zwischendurch, mit einen sehr geringen Material- und Zeitaufwand!

Mesh Dabber Painting

Mesh Dabbers - an easy art activity for little hands. Mesh Dabbers – an easy art activity for little hands. Get more photo about home decor related with by looking at.


Masher Print Painting

Taktile Wahrnehmung, Tonusregulation

I love the idea of providing my class with different multi-sensory materials and letting them explore the possibilities. These open-ended ideas give chance to explore movement, space, and texture.

Mengenerfassung: Zählen mit Perlen - Teacher's Life

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C/ Gemstone outlined shapes. The children made some brilliant patterns with the coloured gems and talked about the properties of the shape as they created the outlines.

Stoff bedrucken - bunte Geschirrtücher, Taschen etc. - knoepfe

Stoff bedrucken - Anleitung und kreative Ideen


Cheerios work too. Simple pasta threading activity for toddlers to do using play dough and straws. Great for fine motor development and hand/eye coordination. Lots of fun too.