Filth Wizardry: Autumn woodland treasure sculpture

For Dragonfly 6 legs -Filth Wizardry: Autumn woodland treasure sculpture; creating art with nature walk finds such as twigs, maple seeds, and other fall finds.

Blätter ausstanzen im Sommer für schöne Bilder

Paper Punching Autumn Leaves

Funny pictures about Decorative leaf punch art. Oh, and cool pics about Decorative leaf punch art. Also, Decorative leaf punch art.

An adorably cute craft!

Pipe cleaners Toothpicks Orange marker Tacky glue Googly eyes Pinecones Feathers bend a piece of pipe cleaner (a piece for the adult, for a chick) To finish, glue a pinecone to the pipe cleaner base, then glue feathers to the pinecone.

A step by step guide to turning wood slices into coasters!

Natural Branch Coasters

Teds Wood Working - If you are looking for something fun and interesting to decorate your home, I have prepared for you a great collection of wood slice decor ideas that will - Get A Lifetime Of Project Ideas & Inspiration!

~Eekhoorntje van eikeltje en pijperagger gemaakt~

5 Fall DIY projects via Petits petits tresors - hazelnut and pipe cleaner squirrel


Winter Pinecone Friends, Mice - Aren't these pinecone mice ornaments super cute? possibly diy?

Waldorf Natural Toys, Gnomes in a bag, On the Go, Rainbow colour, Travelling gnome family, set of 3 with bag with Orange Star:

Waldorf Natural Toys, Gnomes in a bag, On the Go, Rainbow colour, Travelling…