Heller Raum unter dem Dach mit Stauraum unter den Schrägen

Home Projects: Under-Eave Storage Space

Schlafzimmer unterm Dach

Quiet little space in the attic.makes the ultimate reading nook! Also a good idea for a star gazing room.

Witzig - Wohnungs-Wegweiser

Life can get hectic, but BEDDI can help point you in the right direction!

A coat of pain, an old sweater and a staple gun. Ellomennopee: Put your feet up

Upcycle a footstool & recover it using an old sweater or t-shirt.

Stöcker Lampe

Tree Branch Lamp Base, Way to disguise an old base.Wrap some branches with twine around the lamp base, Web site has soooo many branch ideas for the home! Gonna look again later!