, as pegadinha do Silvio.

How Meeting An Online Date Used To Go For Me

He saw the opportunity and he took it GIF

Get your meme on!

Ok, i hate monkeys, but that was some funny shit right there XD


33 GIFs From 2013 That Will Make You Laugh Every Time- funny apocalypse prank

When I try to be scary.

I was expecting it to do something scary and then and then .aaaaa I was starting to get scared and then…. i was getting sooooooo scared:L:L Oh my Goddess I was so terrified for a minute and then BOOM.

gymnastic trick

This can't be real. springboard click it.I really hope this guy is OK because I laugh everytime I watch this

Gassi gehen

No, of course not, just let the poor dog keep being dragged around in the water. All dogs know how to swim!


Every time I watch this it just gets more hilarious! Did you see the look on that guys face, he's having a great day! I wonder how long it takes the phone lady to notice. Oh my gosh.

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Esta mujer cuyos pies decidieron que ya era más que suficiente: | 21 mujeres que retaron las leyes de la física y perdieron

Esta mujer cuyos pies decidieron que ya era más que suficiente:

This is really what happens to me when I wear heels.just standing one second and then the next Im down<<< same. I've got weak ankles so I avoid wearing heels except for on special occasions so this doesn't happen all the time.