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a large statue is in the middle of a glass house with its door open and it's legs sticking out
Susanne Ussing (1940-1998), artist, architect and ceramicist. Awarded the Eckersberg Medal in 1989. Documentation of the installation ”I Drivhuset” by Susanne Ussing, installed at Ordrupgaardsamlingen 1980.
an abstract painting of a woman's face with her hand on her shoulder and the other half of her body visible
Pablo Picasso , nu les bras croises 1960
a chandelier hanging from the ceiling with lots of white bubbles floating in it
United Colors of Benetton - Official Site | Online Shop
Crocheted (?) forms looking like a host of jellyfish - beautiful. Need to do a hunt for the original artist...
a drawing of a lion's head with intricate designs on its face and mane
East side or West side? Mama has chosen both | Mama Shelter
Holy crap, this is gorgeous! Paris 19, rue d'Aubervilliers, 104 - Street Art Paris
an abstract painting with blue and purple colors
Marion Schulte Collage/Zeichnung/Acrylmalerei Ausschnitt
a drawing of a man with his arms crossed
Marion Schulte Collage/Zeichnung/Acrylmalerei Ausschnitt
an abstract painting with white circles and woman's face in the center, on a black background
Marion Schulte Art-Design
Marion Schulte "Seiltänzerin" Acrylfarbe auf Leinwand Original 50 x 70 cm
an abstract painting of a woman's head with hair pulled back and birds in the background
Massimo Lagrotteria
a painting of a woman sitting on the ground in front of a wall with dripping paint
Joan Dumouchel - Galerie Blanche
Just Sitting
there is a small box on the edge of a cliff with birds flying around it
Gallery of Women at War / Charlotte Wilson - 4
women at war museum - charlotte wilson.
an artistic sculpture is shown in the middle of a room that has been constructed into a structure
Ai Weiwei - Fountain of Light (2007) based on Vladimir Tatlin’s “monument for the third international, 1929"