Bunny Cookies

Very cute - Bunny Cookies - This cookie recipe is too cute! A great dessert recipe for Easter.

Schoko Schmetterlinge... sehr, sehr cool! (b)

DIY chocolate butterfly: Love it! Would be great to top a cake with. Could try with white chocolate and food coloring for different colors!

Chocolate Cups made with BalloonsDessert

Chocolate bowls are amazing for party directions or making the kids happy. Here is how to make a DIY Chocolate Bowl. A fun activity with yummy results!

Rezept für den Thermomix: Mousse au chocolat

This sugar-free low carb chocolate mousse is rich and creamy with less than four net carbs and no sugar in each serving.


These chocolate covered strawberries look absolutely delicious. They are very easy to make and serve. You can add sprinkles or swirls onto the chocolate. These make a delicious treat for you and your.

Chocolate Hearts to decorate Valentine's Day desserts

You'll find lots of uses for our Chocolate Hearts - they make the perfect garnish for cakes, ice cream sundaes and fresh fruit platters.

Apple-Walnut-Brownies (Apfel-Walnuss-Brownies) von http://dreierlei-liebelei.blogspot.de

Apple-Walnut-Brownies (Apfel-Walnuss-Brownies) von http://dreierlei-liebelei.blogspot.de



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Refrigerator cookies- easier holiday gifts

This seems like a great christmas gift idea: Slice & bake freezer cookie recipes. You can have homemade cookie dough on hand at all times.



Zwetschgen- oder Pflaumenkuchen

Zwetschgen- oder Pflaumenkuchen

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