Tolle Lichtinstallation in Form eines Tannenbaums

no tree christmas tree or alternative christmas tree Corner Pallet Tree with Lights.these are the BEST DIY Christmas Decorations & Craft Ideas!

Scandinavian Gatherings

Lila-Lotta Weihnachtsdekoration / My friend wrote a book! Scandinavian Gatherings is a gorgeous collection of Scandinavian-inspired recipes and projects.

DIY Fall Decor: Gold acorns. Clean and oven dry for several hours to ensure they are pest free. Acorns naturally fall out of the caps when ripe, so after they are oven dried and painted, use a hot glue gun to attach all the acorns to the caps. Finish them by adding a layer of clear shellac giving them a shiny look.

DIY Fall Decor: All Gold Everything

{DIY} Tannenbäumchen aus Ästen

{DIY} Tannenbäumchen aus Ästen (s'Bastelkistle)

Do it yourself - Home-Story - Backzauber - Dekoideen

Repurpose deer antlers...Millstone Market and Nursery

naturally-shed antler table decor if laid flat - add votives, aspen bark-wrapped pillars, or plain between points (or not)