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Iris is fabulous, how beautiful "old" can be! Now be honest what is more beautiful this face with wrinkles or the "stretched version?

Keeping it real. I want to age one day, to let my skin show the years of love, laughter, and wisdom.sounds to me like you have already found wisdom (SMILE)!

silver hair momma and daughter

Silver hair momma and daughter. (white and grey hair) jammer dat ik dit niet…

Love that gray and the wrinkles. It's real, it's life it's beautiful!

Jessica Stroup of 90210

Love the smile lines and gray hair. Even better with lighter lipstick and eyeliner.

Forget the risks, be strong

When Life give you something that makes you feel Afraid That’s when life gives you a chance to be Brave

Jean Woods, getting old and having fun

Meet the 87-year-olds in DMs and mini-skirts

With her sharply cut fringe and penchant for Doc Marten boots, Jean Woods is no one's idea of a frail old grandmother - and the glamorous septuagenarian says she has absolutely no intention of changing.

"Gone are the days when women felt the need to hide their age. When I asked this gorgeous woman if I could take her photo she proudly announced, 'You sure can, I am 84 years old.' "

ADVANCED STYLE: 84 and Proud (This outfit reminds me of some of my hippie garb from the Why didn't I hang onto that stuff?