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the green tunnel is surrounded by trees and bushes, with railroad tracks going through it
17 Beautiful Sites You Have To See Before You Die
15 of the World's Most Strange Abandoned Places - The Tunnel of Love in Ukraine
a man with a green head covering on his face and wearing a scarf around his neck
Touareg. Gao. Mali
a statue covered in green moss with its eyes closed
#Green statue || #vert #groen #verde #Grun #photo #picture || follow
a woman sitting in the middle of pine trees
Bloom in Winter
close up view of the top of a green bird's feathers
a man holding a green comb over his head while looking at the camera with an angry look on his face
25 Disastrous Marketing Fails That Actually Happened
Hilarious yoga ad
some type of green plant on a black surface
Katrin Rodegast / Illustration / Art Direction / Paper Art
Plants as organs... very cool.
a dress made out of vegetables hanging on a wall
Scallion, Brussels Sprouts and Cabbage dress by Sarah Illenberger
the green tunnel is surrounded by trees and bushes, with railroad tracks going through it
Ukraine's Leafy Green 'Tunnel of Love' is a Passageway for Trains and Lovers
The Tunnel of Love in Ukraine has to be the greenest place on this planet.
a painting of a tree in the middle of a field with a bench under it
#Green #Marketing #Advertisement
an advertisement for converse featuring a green man's face with chains around his neck
Converse Shoe Advertising - Nice use of product material and abstracted imagery!
a green lollipop with the words made out of it
40+ Creative Advertising Ideas
40+ Creative Advertising Ideas
a dj mixing music in front of a green cityscape
Saddington Baynes Integrated Creative Production Studio
Client: Heineken, Agency: Agency: Rothco Ireland. Urban sessions, beer, green, bottle, music, equalizer, CGI, Post-Production, advertising
the legos are made to look like they have been built into a green box
Lego: Jurassic Park #Advertising
a bottle of alcohol with a snake wrapped around it's neck and the caption reads, the new taste of temptation
La mejor publicidad de Absolut -
Absolut Pear repinned by
an advertisement for headphones and ear buds on a green background
Parte de una buena idea esta campaña para audiolibros, según mi criterio le falto algo de dirección de arte
a drawing of a man's head with green ink on paper and writing underneath it
a green leaf with white swirls on it's side and the words every leaf travels
Cut Leaf Illustrations for 'Plant for the Planet'
Cut Leaf Illustrations for "Plant for the Planet"
a car is shown in the color green
Honda: Greenest • Ads of the World™ | Part of The Clio Network
Honda: Greenest This print ad was released to celebrate the 2014 Honda Accord Hybrid winning the Canadian Green Car of the Year award. Advertising Agency: GRIP Limited, Toronto, Canada Creative Director: David Crichton Art Director / Photographer: Yan Snajdr Copywriter: Tom Mednick Print Director: James Graham Published: June 2014
a leaf that has been cut in half and is sitting on the ground with white writing on it
Plant for the planet: Traffic | Art and Design
An inspirational ad campaign by Hamburg, Germany based Advertising Agency Legas Delaney for Plant for the Planet, using cut leaves symbolizing their ability to trap CO2.
a panda bear sitting on top of a can of soda with the caption coca - cola
El Baúl del Marketing Online
eCoca-Cola repinned by
a green hand with a bandage on it's wrist holding something in the air
51 Most Popular Print Ads of 2011
Even the Hulk needs a Band-Aid
an advertisement for the italian automobile brand, fiat new york on a green background with black rims
Italian Genius Now. Santander Cultural Porto Alegre.
a green sculpture in the shape of a person hanging upside down from it's head
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? Must be someone's work of art ? S)
a building covered in green plants on the side of a road with stairs leading up to it
AD Round Up: Green Roof Part III
shipping container homes make great economic and environmental sense. but we can make them even better by growing plants (preferably food) on the exposed walls and roof. the plants insulate the home. for instance, a vertical aeroponics system, using solar or wind power to run the pumps, can be cleverly attached to the walls without worrying about any water rusting the shipping container. all you'd need is a rolling ladder to access all your food!
a woman walking down a street with the words god, karuna is in
Good Karma is In
The best fashion available. (302)690-2866 ask for Kathryn
an old green car parked in front of a building with graffiti on it's side
Here are two of my favorite things. An old sign and an old car. Perfect together.
a cup of green tea next to cubes of sugar and mint on a green background
Tasty kettles for Curtis
Tasty teapots for Curtis | Photo Manipulation | Illustrator: Catzwolf | Image 4 of 5
a person is making green cookies on a cutting board
matcha green tea shortbread cookies recipe
___matcha shortbread cookies 3/4 (2.25 oz.) cup confectioner’s sugar 1 1/2 tbsps matcha green tea powder 10 tbsps (5 oz.) unsalted butter, room temperature 1 3/4 cup (8.5 oz.) flour 3 large egg yolks 1 cup granulated sugar (to coat the dough)
there is a brick wall with graffiti on it that says, there's more to happiness
Typography inspiration | #624
Living Typography - There's Hope for the Hopeless
two green race cars driving down the road
Revving Up in Monte Carlo | Monaco's Grands Prix Get Underway
Duncan Hamilton's 1952 Jaguar, the first privately owned C-Type, in a Historic Grand Prix
a cross made out of moss on a brick wall
Eco Grafite de Anna Garforth
eco graffiti with moss, sustainable advertising, green marketing, sustainable marketing
the green paint is dripping down onto the white surface, creating an abstract pattern on the bottom half of the image
Adidas Dripping with AdiColor - The Inspiration Room
Adidas Green Adicolor print advertisement
Beer Advertisement ~ ♛ Beer, Beer Humor, Beer Ad, Bier, Funny Commercials, Funny Ads, Pub
Beer Advertisement ~ ♛
a woman's lips are covered in green lipstick
50 Creative Photo Manipulations from top designers around the world
Green lips - Incredible Photo #Manipulation works based #Adobe #Photoshop found at pinned by
a blurry photo of a man with a hat
In his project Skindeep, French photographer Julien Palast studies the body and the human form in a very unique way. Generally an advertising and still life photographer, Palast went in a new direction with this portrait series. For each image, he wrapped male and female models in vibrant colors and gradients that created what he describes as "instant bas reliefs recalling of the classic imagery."
a large advertisement on the side of a building with green and black circles painted on it
North America's Largest Living Wall Installation by PNC
No, we’re not advertising for PNC. But they are – on the side of their headquarters building in downtown Pittsburgh. They recently finished installing what is said to be North America’s largest living wall. Designed by Kari Katzander of Mingo Design and made possible with the expertise of Green Living™ Technologies, PNC’s living wall is not only beautiful, but should help reduce energy use as well.
two pictures of a bench covered in plants
Clever and Creative Billboard Advertising
As a form of outdoor advertising, billboards have three primary characteristics: 1) Market circulates around message 2) Audience actively engaged in reaching prior destination 3) Average six second exposure: designed to instill awareness.
a green leaf with the words every leaf traps co
Design Graphique Archives - AA13
Cette campagne publicitaire pour "Plant for the Planet" est une création de l'agence allemande Legas Delaney.
the green arrow poster is shown with an image of a man's face and mustache
Vintage-style DC Character Posters
"Green Arrow" by Michael Myers
a pair of green shoes sitting on top of a green surface with water splashing all over them
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