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an info sheet with many different types of boats
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three plates with different types of food on them, and the numbers are shown below
Design x Food - Infographic
Design x Food | Infographics
a pile of clothes sitting on top of a bed
Real Infographic | Sarah Illenberger - Truth about sex
a yellow and white coffee pot next to a cup on a pink background with the same price
The Esquire Survey of the American Woman
Real Infographic | Sarah Illenberger - Truth about sex
a purple vase filled with yellow flowers on top of a purple tablecloth next to an orange flower
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"How Are We Doing – The Big Survey" by Sarah Illenberger for Neon Magazine
a poster with different types of letters and numbers on the front, including one that says now it's time to move
Home - Monster Munch
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an image of a shoe with the word buzz on it and people standing around it
an arrangement of vegetables and fruits arranged in a pyramid on a gray surface, labeled with labels
Homepage - Sarah Illenberger
Sarah Illenberger / Sévigné Parfum No.3 - Fragrance Pyramide
a hot dog on a paper plate with mustard and ketchup
Data Visualisation, Sarah Illenberger -
several different types of vegetables are shown in this graphic style, including corn and carrots
Die Grosse Sex Umfrag, Sarah Illenberger, 2010.
SARAH ILLENBERGER, one of my favorites. To represent responses to the survey question: How often do you masturbate per month?
the food pyramid is made up of different ingredients
Homepage - Sarah Illenberger
I love a great info-graphic. So many ideas from this one... a favourite mixed drink, soup, and cookie recipe come first to mind.
an info sheet with different types of boats in it
What You Need to Know About the World's Water (Infographic)
an info sheet showing the different types of aircrafts in each country, and how they are
Love this colour on the white. Gives such a clean aesthetic appearance. Main two column grid structure- yet elements are flexible within the columns.