Eggshell garden

Creating your own eggshell garden. Materials needed: potting soil, egg shells, mosses, succulents, flowers. Steps: ① fill in the empty egg shell.


Whenever in life we feel the need for change, there is one or several reasons triggering it. When I felt like it’s time to make a little boho makeover at home,

Atelier Stella

I am now taking a break for a few weeks, but hope to have a small batch of work available in mid July.


Mini DIY Easter Bouquets

Hey, I'm Forrest. Tell me something about yourself

You breathe fresh air, you see many flowers and a wonderful sky. but what's the most important that the a person you know for a really long time is still with you and you know you're finally aren't that lonely!

Die Blumentöpfe!

Zimmerpflanzen Bilder - gemütliche Deko Ideen mit Topfpflanzen

Small Cup Planters by Dana Bechert - influenced by the traditional Acoma Pueblo style of Native American pottery, her ceramics are both abstract and intricate.

Azure - Pink // Bella Gomez

Bella is a textile and print designer, working on a diverse range of projects for fashion, stationary, homeware and editorial.