Baby oil and food colouring in a zip lock bag

Play Create Explore: Baby Oil Sensory Bags = baby oil, food colouring, a little bit of water, glitter, objects to find (smooth). Put in ziplock bag and duct tape for leaks and little fingers who would like to open it. ((or a heat seal bag))

Eis am Stiel für Finn's kaufladen

Kaufladenzubehör selber machen: Eis am Stiel

Homemade water wall. Great way for children to play with water in the garden.

20+ Cool and Fun Water Play Ideas for Kids in Summer

activities for two year olds

80 of the BEST Activities for 2 Year Olds

80 activities for two year olds - none of the links work but some really good ideas. I'll just have to go and pin it from the original source once I type in the address