My Melody Dreams - mein erstes Parfüm

My Melody Dreams von Mülhens.damals ein " must have " :)

Jö, schau! Zick-Zick-Zyliss! Zwiebelschneiden ohne Tränen!

A vegetable chopper that I remember my mum using back in the

3 Musketiers Schokoriegel - die waren super yummy!

not sure this is the same thing but i remember eating something like this from england called a curley wurley i think Mehr


I was one of those odd kids who loved logic puzzles and code breaking, so the game Mastermind was a favorite. The idea behind this two player game is simple. One person sets up colored pegs in a sequence, and the other person attempts to figure it out.

so haben wir damals die Texte zu unseren Lieblingsliedern gelernt :D - happy days

'Ein Bett im Kornfeld .' ' Am Tag, als Conny Kramer starb .

WoK - World of Klaus: Meine 70er

On appuyait sur le bouton, la balle partait dans les airs et fallait la…