CUBE LED Outdoor wall lamp from LIGHT-POINT AS Design: Ronni Gol

Stilfullt utendørs - LYSKULTUR Our simple German wall lights create a practical yet artistic lighting feature.//pinned by: //board: lighting design Source by moses.

Weekend house — Line Architects

would this kind of drain/grate (if put on the outside) solve the problem of water seeping into the doorways from the outside balconies/walkways?


Evolution L 247 - Bien Zenker. Das Einfamilienhaus Evolution L 247 zeigt sich in…

Stuart and Elmarie Ward have created an impressive contemporary family home on a budget thanks to a radical rejig of their dated bungalow

A Radical Bungalow Remodel and Extension. Built on a large plot in East Dorset, a Bungalow has been transformed creating a striking contemporary family home costing only to build.

Kallistos Stelios Karalis || LUXURY Connoisseur ||appliques extérieures, façade contemporaine avec un beau éclairage d'extérieur

Les appliques extérieures - lesquelles choisir pour décorer son extérieur? -


A modern farmhouse which blends both traditional forms with contemporary materials in a subtle manner. The materials also echo the traditional farm buildings on site incorporating lime mortar, natural stone and zinc into the finishes.