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Shailene Woodley and Theo James ziplining

This has gone on my bucket list. Ziplining was already on it, but now it has to be face first like flying!

Robin Hood's Poster.

Another very underrated Disney music ever thanks to Roger Miller. And the youngest bunny is adorable ♥//i've never seen this but this movie is where my friend, Keith, came up with my nickname, Nutsie

Robin Hood. Honestly people! You need to sort out your priorities! Robin Hood Always!

Generations' different views towards bow and arrows. Favorite Disney movie as a kid, but I also wanted a bow and arrow because of Buffy!

I just finished the 2006 BBC series.  This almost brought me to tears.  Again.

robin hood // aw man, my OTP ♥︎ (when I was seven) . ((okay, still kind of my OTP))