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Metallic-Dipped Easter Eggs ~ or use paint pens to draw on your eggs. Creative Ways to Dye Easter Eggs from Better Homes and Gardens

Gold Leaf Eggs

Take your Easter egg game to a whole new level with this gold marbled DIY


God, I love a good angle. Anyone can take a picture. I feel like this is the only thing left separates photography as an art.

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Etched Brown Chicken Egg with Flower and Vine Design" by theNestatWindyCorner

Easter Egg Art

DIY To Try: Easter Egg Art

Easter Eggs with a little bit of glitter! Everything is better with glitter! Also, Easter eggs painted black with white paint pen to write with. How pretty

Easter egg

Tie Dye - Typography, Easter Egg Decorating

tie dye typography easter egg decorating tutorial how to - - Sugar Bee Crafts

Easter Eggs

8 Beautifully Decorated Easter Eggs

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