Typo Tuesday: Handy Typography

Sign Language Alphabet by yong wen yeu, via Behance.when you scroll fast the hands move.

Learn new keyboard tricks that can make you fast and efficient at work or at school.

22 Tricks That Can Make Anyone A Keyboard Ninja

ESP8266 - $5 internet connected switch

ESP8266 - $5 Internet Connected Switch

In this tutorial we will show how to build WiFi internet connected switch connected to EasyIoT Cloud. We will use solid state relay and Arduino IDE.

Sie tut eine Zwiebel in die Socke und legt sich ins Bett. Der Grund? Ich werde nie wieder anders schlafen.

It’s a normal problem, but nobody wants to talk about it. Hemorrhoids are part of the corpus cavernosum and play a key role in keeping the sphincter well closed. But when they become irritated and …

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