Emerald Pool in Triglav National Park, Slovenia

Emerald Pool, The Alps, Austria it's not in Austria, it's just over the border in Slovenia: The Mostnica pool & waterfall in Triglav National Park near Bled. Wonderful area, try to include it in your trip to Austria.

Dragon bridge in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Dragon bridge in Ljubljana, Slovenia. What's not to love about a city that has dragons protecting its bridges?

Bled Island, also known as the Wedding Island is a jewel in the heart of Europe, the place you love especially the very romantic.

Autumn, Lake Bled, Slovenia One of my favorite places ever. travel-places-i-d-like-to-visit

Škocjan Caves, Slovenia

12 Beautiful Pictures on Incredible Places - Škocjan Caves, Slovenia. From the picture, it feels as though we are in the bowels of the earth!

30 Amazing Places on Earth You Need To Visit Part 2 - Mostnica Gorge, Slovenia

Below, you will be able to find 30 Amazing Places on Earth which will definitely inspire you to travel more often so that you can see all of them.


Cypress Spring, Florida "The water is so clear. It looks like their boat is floating in the air!