1-tier pyramid - Angels - 29 cm / 11 inch $88.00 plus shipping

Mueller Erzgebirge" Christmas Pyramid": The Christmas Sleigh

Tealight Pyramid with Santa Claus

Tealight Pyramid with Santa Claus - A Tealight Pyramid with Santa Claus. This Christmas carousel pyramid is an authentic traditional German Christmas decoration.

1-tier pyramid Forest Scene for Tealights - 18cm / 7 inch $51.00 plus shipping

Pyramid - Forest Scene by Seiffener Volkskunst

1-tier Pyramid - children - 21 cm / 8 inch $91.00 plus shipping

Give this KWO Mrs. Teacher Smoker as a gift this Christmas, or add it to your collection of authentic German incense

1-tier pyramid - Santa with sled (18cm/7in) by Seiffener Volkskunst

Pyramid - Santa with Sled by Seiffener Volkskunst

1-tier pyramid - Winter Children Tealights - 14cm / 5.5 inch $47.00 plus shipping

Pyramid - Winter Children by Theo Lorenz Kunsthandwerk

1- tier Pyramid Deer - 11 inch - 28 cm $68.00 plus shipping

tier Pyramid Deer - by Richard Glässer

Pyramid Candle Holder for Tealights - 6 pcs.

Candle holder plug on for tealights 6 pieces including tealight in glass bowls for pyramids original Erzgebirge by Mueller Seiffen MU 70060 ** Check out this great product.

1- tier Pyramid Deer (11in - 28cm) by Richard Glässer

tier Pyramid Deer - by Richard Glässer