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Texas would be a great string art project! String art project - place the heart in your favorite part.

Crafting String Art Kit - Oak Tree String Art Kit, Crafts Kit, DIY Kit. Visit www.StringoftheArt.com to learn more about this beautiful DIY String Art Oak Tree and how you can easily string it together and display it inside your home.

Inverse Oak Tree String Art Kit

Inverse Oak Tree String Art Kit One-of-a-kind home decor wall art that you make yourself. either way you'll be a winner with this unique tree string art for your home or office.

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Discover thousands of images about DIY Romantic Plaster Dipped Flower Votives. I can't believe how easy it is to make these beautiful flower votives at home. Tutorial via

Working from a tiny table in the nook of her living room, California-based artist Angela Schwer crafts explosive dahlias, gardenias, poppies, fungi, and sea creatures all from a custom blend of polymer clays. Meant primarily as decorative objects, the dense handmade pieces are surprisingly detailed,

Polymer Flower Sculptures and Tiles by Angela Schwer