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Make a bird feeder out of coffee can! Just cut the lid in half and glue one to each side of the coffee can.

Upcycled Craft Ideas

Activity at a booth during a fair with a nature theme (bird feeder out of an empty coffee can). Call for empty coffee cans one month prior.

knutselen - brood in een vogelvoer houder, leuk om zelf te maken

Bread or Toast Bird Feeder. This would be an easy DIY, great for stale bread - a "feed two birds with one scone" sort of thing!

Verf een deel van je schutting met schoolbordverf, instant lol voor je kinders.

Backyard Chalkboard - paint and mount an outdoor chalkboard on a boundary fence for a great activity for children. Less mess + the rain washes it away! Add some simple wooden shapes in a bucket so kids can trace around them & create masterpieces.

Clay Pot Planters Will Look Amazing At Your Place | The WHOot

Clay Pot Planter Ideas You'll Love This Inspiration

Clay Pot Succulent Sphere There is no Tutorial for this Succulent Clay Pot Sphere but you can read the Tutorial above for a Claypot Wreath that shows you how to attach Clay Pots to each other. You can also make a Succulent Ball as an alternative.

Standaard vogelhuisjes? Hierbij wat inspiratie - Tuininspiratie

Easy DIY bird feeder from items in your own kitchen! Use an old mason jar or reuse a jar from the refrigerator, tie a ribbon around the center and stick a wooden spoon into it. Turn sideways and hang from a tree for an instant bird feeder.

Vetplantjes in oude soeplepels, leuk voor aan de schutting

I just like the idea of using these succulents in any small container, not just a spoon. - K succulent spoons - great idea!