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Scary Sam was one of the most badass and daring combat pilots in Korea War, leaving a devestating trail of victims behind enemy lines with his P51-Mustang fighter plane. After being reported "missing in action" for several years, he appeared on the set in Cuba and started his career as a hoodlum. His first impressing coup took place in the president's palace with support from his gang also known in the police's files as "Rockabilly Beasts". A deadly trio with "Scary Sam", "Vic-the Viper" und…
Small cross tattoo for women:
Sketch Style Wings by Inez Janiak
A sick grenade skull. Digital art. #skull #grenade #tattoo #skulltattoos…
black geometric tattoos - Pesquisa Google
Death's-head Hawkmoth
death's head moth tattoo - Google Search