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LIFE OF PI (by Yann Martel) STOP WILDLIFE CRIME! ALL OF THE PROCEEDS FOR THIS UNIT WILL BE SENT TO THE STOP WILDLIFE CRIME FUND. Included in this unit are the following: 1. A multiple-choice quiz with nine questions and answers. 2. There are also three discussion questions. $1.25

There are just four northern white rhinoceroses left in the wild. Other subspecies are more numerous, but all have dramatically and severely declined over the last few decades. From I fucking love science (FB)

Jackie Chan Co-Stars With a Rhinoceros for PSA

The WildAid ambassador filmed a PSA with a six-year-old white rhino named Spike to help stop trade in illegal wildlife.

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Alt Posters LEGEND trackosaurus rex - Good Design in The Bike Shop: Battaglin!

Save the last 130 Greywhales.

The western gray whale is on the edge of extinction. There are probably fewer than 130 remaining with less than 26 breeding females.