Maxine Grant
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Manipulated light projections become 3D-printed jewellery with Tactum

Tactum: Augmented Modeling Tool for Wearables. It is an augmented modeling tool that lets you design printed wearables on your body. It uses depth sensing and projection mapping to display touch gestures on your skin.

Zimoun installs motorised wooden seesaws inside Austrian church

Zimoun installs motorised wooden seesaws inside Austrian church The sounds of 150 mechanical seesaws striking the floor of a former church in Austria reverberate around its nave in this installation by Swiss artist Zimoun

Iiif’s glassware collection represents  different types of volcano

Design collective Iiif has designed Petits Volcans, a glassware collection comprising five vessels that represent different types and stages of volcano

Uflex bandage snaps around a wound  and inflates to stop bleeding

Uflex Compress -- a single bandage & compress device that can be applied quickly & easily w/ just 1 hand.

Matali Crasset presents woven vessels   in collaboration with Zimbabwean weavers

matali crasset works with zimbabwean weavers to rethink the iconic gourd basket, giving it new form and function