Banksy has become such an inspiration for me in recent months. I have photos of a lot of his work on my phone simply because its incredible. "will work for money"


Banksy Dreams cancelled to buy online: Display this piece of modern contemporary canvas art on your wall

Wirtschaft :D

Blah to the third power! "Blah blah blah" some people wouldn't even get it.

the stars say you're beautiful

War for peace - I have never heard anything so ridiculous, hypocritical and contradictory in all of my life! Can't we just stop fighting? That will bring peace, won't it?

La Huida Digital: Running al ir a la compra - #gif #humor #comedy

mxcoriginal: “ gearholder: “ maquasi: “ puublack: “I can’t take Vicar Amelia seriously anymore because of that fucking gif (you know the one) ” It’s awful ” Let’s see if this helps (it won’t): ” Both.

Bier oder Sport...

No idea what this says, but life goals on both fronts.

Der Künstler Lorenzo Quinn hat vor Kurzem eine monumentale Skulptur in den Kanälen von Venedig für die Kunstbiennale 2017 fertiggestellt. Sie zeigt zwei…

Climate change: I think I& heard something about it on the news. These are a handful(!) of shots of Support, a sculpture created by Italian artist Lorenzo Quinn and placed in a Venetian canal to highlight climate change.