Daniel Christopher Harren

Daniel Christopher Harren

Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Daniel Christopher Harren
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My fiance's phone has the lightsaber sound assigned for my incoming texts. But his female bff (and groomsgirl) gets the TARDIS sound. Trying to not be jealous.) -- lightsaber sound for him, tardis sound for her - how have I not thought of this?

I do NOT like the shipping of John and Sherlock but I like this SWL :)<<---NO BUT JOHNLOCK THOUGH❤️❤️❤️

Superwholock and Hamish--Haha this is cute! Don't know about sherlock having a baby, but Dean and the Doctor makes this so funny!

empty hallway... I don't really know why I'm pinning this in Doctor who but...

I don't know why, but this image of an empty hallway scares me.<--- this comment. This hallway does have things in it.