a quote for your week chap. 3

Travel advice - HAHA this is so true! "When preparing to travel, lay out all your clothes and all your money. Then take half your clothes and twice the money.


Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Ah, Amsterdam! I lived almost a year on a boat on the Amstel Canal in Amsterdam, Netherlands (Holland). Lots of good memories.


Art Nouveau

Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família (Barcelona, Spain) one of my favorite places on Earth. Oh Gaudi, you just knew how to make God's sandcastle

Lucerne, Switzerland

On the land the most beautiful and the naturally attractive place is the country of the Europe that is Switzerland. It is famous for its hilly areas and beautiful mountain ranges covered with the snow.


La Gran Via Madrid Spain. Always full of people day and night is the heart of Madrid.I love Madrid!

My life :)

I want my map to look like this. First of all, I want a pin map.

My life :)

I want my map to look like this. First of all, I want a pin map.

Nice, France

Nice, France - swam it and ran all over it


Went to Beijing in November 2011 with a cou[ple of girlfriends for some holiday shopping and to see a few tourist attractions. Great Wall wins by far as one of the most moving experiances in my life!


Big Ben and London Eye accross the Thames River, London, United Kingdom. One my favorite cities in the world not only because it is wonderful in itself but because my Janis and Callum live there.

Heidelberg, Germany

Germany donde nacio mi princesa Alexandra Been here.

I'd move here tomorrow

Paris Skyline Eiffel Tower by TaylorMiles

Cape Town :)

I want to have lunch on Table Mountain