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Mechthild Kraft
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10 Gründe, warum Stricken so gut für dich ist - „Egal, ob du schon stricken kannst oder erst mit dem Gedanken spielst, es zu lernen - Stricken ist gut für dich! Wir verraten dir, warum du am besten gleich loslegen solltest.“

Pull out your knitting needles: Grandma was on to something with that ever-lengthening scarf tucked in her handbag. Whether you're into gardening, fixing up vintage cars, or even cross-stitching Drake

Unconsumption — Italian artist Ivano Vitali knits and crochets...

unconsumption: “ Italian artist Ivano Vitali knits and crochets using yarn made from strips of found materials, such as newspapers and phone books, with no glue, coloring, or water added. His large-scale tapestries and other sculptures were featured.

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The lifeline cords allow you to mark and secure a line when knitting complicated patterns if you need to unravel some rows When knitting complicated

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Wenn ich schnell stricke, zählt das dann als Workout?