Dolphin Hama Fuse Beads

Fuse Beads are a very popular camp Activity! Its a great way for the kids to be able to be creative and use their imaginations!

Ghibli/Pixar/Disney Undersea Mural, she painted for her daughter's 2nd birthday ~ I would love this in my extra room!

Ghibli/Pixar/Disney Undersea Mural I painted for my daughter's 2nd birthday

Ghibli/Pixar/Disney Undersea Mural painted for daughter's birthday

The Octonauts Giant Wall Decals - My little ocean-lover wants these on his new bedroom walls.

The Octonauts Giant Wall Decals

Kwazii Krossbones by mcnasty

Pirate: Kids & Babies' Clothes

Kwazii Krossbones - these will be a great printable alternative to regular skull & crossbones.