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the words are written in black ink on a white paper with some type of writing
Jenessa wait artwork in home
a sign that says i hope you heal from things no one ever apoloized for
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an image of a man holding a tennis racquet
#Faith #catholic #jesus #God
a piece of paper with writing on it that says energy givers and other things
a piece of paper with an egg on it that says, accountabiity 101 i meant well that was not my intent i broke the egg
Riding The Feminine Current with Maya Luna // Connectfulness Practice podcast episode 11 — Connectfulness®
an image of a quote that reads the move you're most scared to make is the one that will change everything for you
a quote that reads, everything you want is on the other side of fear
Overcoming Fear Quote
No more letting fear stop you from making a career change! You are worthy of so much more! . . . #careercoach #careertransition #careerchange #careertips #lifecoachforwomen #dreambigger #goaldigger #careerpivot #fearless #overcomingfear
two white ducks standing next to each other on top of a green grass covered field
Mental Health, Self Help, Mental Health Therapy, Self Improvement
an open book sitting on top of a table next to a lamp
a quote that reads if you don't feel like praying, force it because something is also facing you not to pray
a white wall with the words commit to the lord whatever you do, and he will establishment your plans proves
an advertisement with the words when everything is shaking, god is up to something it's so easy to forget that god can use
the words god's plan is worth the wait are in white on a gray background
Isaiah 30:18
an image with the words repentnce in white and black on a beige background
a poem with the words rest in the sweet presence of god it's a tough day he knows
a quote that says nothing meant to be in your life will require you to water down your faith in order to keep it
#faith #endurance
Bible Verses
the words treat people like jesus died for them
a white background with the words, the flavor of god will put you in places that string working and hustle can't
Bible Encouragement
a woman with god in her heart fights battles with grace, not relaxation she kneels, intercedes, and sees others through his eyes, not through the lens, not
a handwritten note that says if he dresses the likes with beauty and splendor
Relationship Quotes, Relationship Tips, Relationship Therapy, Relationship Advice, Relationship Psychology, Emotional Health, Healthy Relationship Advice
Woman Refuses To Let Homeless Parents Occupy Her Pet Room, Wonders If She’s Being Cruel
Mindfulness, Self Development
Find your perfect career | Alison Careers
a quote that reads, when you're not okay god is still good god is good
there's really not a difficult thing unless you decide it is a difficult thing otherwise, it's just the next thing you're figuring out
a sign that says god has already prepared the way he's just preparing you
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a quote from the bible that reads, i'm so grateful the bible doesn't hide the pillars of those who were used in mighty ways
a quote that reads, don't worry if your heart won't respond to the
an open book with some writing on it
I know you have been challenged with most of these... I shall always love you Luli!
how to take notes in your bible, christian notes, bible study aesthetic, god notes Pins, Church Girl Aesthetic, Musik
god notes
the words if it's pulling you away from god, it's not from god
In Jesus name.🙏🏾🤍
a book cover with the words respond like jesus, not the world